What do Stinky and Dirty teach us

This show is much more than just fancy computer graphics. Stinky & Dirty teach our kids values that they should be learning at an early age. They will learn to never give up, and this is reinforced by good problem solving skills.

Problem solving skills

Stinky and Dirty are confronted with challenges and use good problem solving skills to figure out a solution. It is important to develop good problem solving skills because there are many decisions to be made in life. As adults we all set goals for ourselves, face challenges, and strive to overcome them. You can see how important it is to start working on this as a young child. It is important to start teaching this to children as soon as possible and the perfect opportunity is when they start preschool and interact with other children. This interaction with introduce them to negotiation and social problem solving.


You can see in the show, Stinky and Dirty don’t separate to figure something out. They talk to each other, and together they come up with different things to try. As parents and teachers what we do is support our children to resolve their conflicts by offering guidance. When they get stuck we talk them through the problem. “That toy is stuck under the couch. How should we get it out? Can we try this…?”  The great thing about this show is that they help the parents by providing this guidance. Stinky and Dirty show by example how they try different things and improve on their technique as they go.

Never give up attitude

Learning to never give up can have a very positive effect on our children’s lives. Not giving up on things easily them to work harder to achieve their desires, and helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses. Stinky and Dirty do fail and run into road blocks. They do not let this stop them, and in fact they work even harder. As adults we know that our attitude toward a job or a task or even toward life can determine the final result. If someone were to start up a task with the attitude that they cannot do it then this could actually determine the end result, and cause them to fail. If the same person goes into it not being an expert, but has a never give up attitude, optimism, courage and confidence, he will be successful. At least it will increase his chances of succeeding. Once again Stinky and Dirty lead by example. They are always excited by a challenge. Even though they fail time and again they keep on fighting. The wheels on their trailer are square. No problem we will make it work.

Teaching children at a very young age to never give up and reinforcing this with good problem solving skills is very important. This is a great show for young kids in general where Stinky and Dirty show their resourcefulness and teach our kids that when things don’t as expected, asking “what if” can lead to success. This show is not just for preschool age it can be useful for any age. It doesn’t matter if your child is a boy or girl. The Stinky and Dirty show can be enjoyed equally by both. Your not just letting them watch tv. You are allowing them to learn valuable traits that will benefit them for their whole life.