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The adventures of best friends and unlikely heroes, Stinky the garbage truck and Dirty the backhoe loader, a dynamic and hilarious duo of resourcefulness that learn when things don’t go as expected, asking “what if” can lead to success. Based on the books by Jim and Kate McMullan. Written and developed by Guy Toubes.

Kids love the Stinky and Dirty books!

stinky and dirty books These are truly awesome books, and are loved by many children. They include the characters from the show, and others you may have not heard about. If you would like to learn more about these books follow this link to Mommyinspection.com. The Stinky & Dirty website is intended for children (parents too), and because children will be present on this site we choose not to sell products here.

What Stinky and Dirty Teaches our Kids

This show is much more than just fancy computer graphics. Stinky & Dirty teach our kids values that they should be learning¬†at an early age. They will learn to never give up, and this is reinforced by good problem solving skills. Stinky and Dirty are confronted with challenges and use good problem solving skills to figure out a solution. It is important to develop good problem solving skills because there are many decisions to be made in life…Read: What Stinky & Dirty teach us